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ATV Adventures

ATV Adventures

ATV Adventures in Québec is an experience you won’t forget! Driftwood Outfitters has the largest network of trails in North America. You can ride on over 17,000 km (10,560 mi.) of well maintained and varied trails—half of them are accessible in the wintertime and half in the summertime. In addition, 10 000 km (6,210 mi.) of the trails are open all year round. Enjoy breathtaking scenery and adventure at every turn. It all began in the early 1980s, when four-wheel all-terrain vehicles (also known as ATVs or quads) hit the trails, and access to Québec forests was suddenly transformed. Originally designed as utilitarian vehicles for farmers and hunting and fishing enthusiasts, ATVs have made tremendous inroads as recreational vehicles. Now, networks of trails criss-cross Québec, providing an organized infrastructure for riding. It’s no wonder ATVing has become one of the most popular and exhilarating tourist activities in Québec—the vehicles are easy to manoeuvre, practical and fun to ride. Many outfitters rent the vehicles and organize guided group expeditions. And don’t forget that most trails have relays, restaurants and lodging along the way.

More than 330,000 four-wheel ATVs are on the move in Québec and nowadays they are just as common as snowmobiles. The Québec federation of quad clubs lists 140 clubs with over 47,000 members. In fact, most trails are maintained by volunteers from these clubs. Bring your ATV to Driftwood Outfitters and experience the hunt and adventure of a lifetime!

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